Dear volleyball friends,


By now you are well into your volleyball season and might be looking for tournaments to play with you teams. With this update we would like to inform you of the latest news around the recurring International Volleyball Tournament in Alkmaar (IVTA), so that you can take this into account in your year planning.


Last December we organized the 4th IVTA and it was again very successful judging by the feedback we received. We had a lot of enthusiastic athletes competing very friendly over multiple days. We had some great matches and thrilling finales. Not only the crowd in the sports centre enjoyed it, also more than 200 concurrent viewers watched the live stream on our Facebook. Everybody had great time, learned from each other, made friends and improved their volleyball skills. Therefore everyone is eagerly waiting for the next tournament.

The next edition will be the 5th. Such a memorable milestone should not go unnoticed and therefore we want to organise a special edition. To do so we have decided to organise the next IVTA from December 27th – 31st 2019. Indeed, this means there is no IVTA in 2018.

We need the extra time to organise a bigger and even better tournament than previous years and spend time arranging a superb combination of participants. The preparation has already started and we hope you will soon sign up an join us in December 2019!


What to expect:

Ø  “Girls –only” tournament

Ø  Age from 14 up to and including 16 (so <17)

Ø  Tournament over 3 days

Ø  Every day inter cultural events

Ø  Your best chance to play against teams from each continent of the world!

Ø  Your only chance to play volleyball below sea level!

Ø  Maximum of 14 teams in total (between 4 and 6 from Netherlands)

Ø  Every team plays at least 6 games

Ø  Food, travel and sleeping accommodation is all included

Ø  Pictures and memorabilia to take home

Ø  Matches will be streamed so family and friends at home can follow

Ø  Grand party on closing night

Ø  Good, healthy food to keep your players going

Ø  Hilarious, challenging and exiting Escape room game

Ø  Official opening & closing ceremony with famous player & alderman Alkmaar

Ø  Great learning experience and memory for a lifetime

Ø  Sightseeing in a wonderful Dutch city and a great place for visit to Amsterdam


Feel free to contact me for questions

Follow us on Facebook to sign up early for the tournament to make sure you will not miss this special edition.


Facebook:    International Volleyball Tournament Alkmaar

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Phone:         +31652330072


Kind regards,

Barry Peters (Tournament Director IVTA)

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